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Psychotherapy | Warburton

If you are experiencing difficulties getting to me I will come to you.

Psychotherapy is simply a tool to unlock the unconscious blockages and habits of mind that limit our potential to have a life of connectedness, purpose and abundance. We get to see where the blockages were formed and how they play out in our lives. As these blockages are removed we perceive the world differently and with an increased awareness of our own inherent qualities, values and skills we can choose a different way of being and doing in the world.

There are many models of therapy each valid in it’s own context. I am trained in “Process Oriented Psychology” which assumes what you are present to at any moment is what is seeking resolution.

I work also with “Internal Family System Theory” which is a useful method of separating and getting to know the interconnected and often conflicting aspects of our internal dialogues with the intent of experiencing an internal harmony and ultimately awakening to a deeper sense of Self.

I use many processes from differing therapeutic models where they may be relevant. I am trained in Holographic Kinetics an indigenous form of healing the spirit

Psychotherapy Melbourne

If you come to me for psychotherapy you will

  • Find relief from emotional distress.
  • Experience enhanced well being.
  • Begin to understand your limiting beliefs and where they were formed.
  • Learn to unburden old patterns of mind and behaviours that don't serve you.
  • Begin to develop a deeper relationship with your-self.
  • Become less reactive.
  • Learn skills to self regulate your internal environment.
  • Begin to realise your potential