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Men's work | Warburton

I offer extensive experience in men’s work having been part of a world wide men’s rites of passage provider for many years, and having witnessed my own process of growth to the mature masculine and eldership.

If you are experiencing difficulties getting to me I will come to you.

What does it mean to be a man today?

In my paradigm, that’s not the question we should be asking men. Rather, we should be asking:

'What does it mean for ME to be the best man I can be, and what does that look like in the world?'

When we ask the question in this way, we don’t arbitrarily discount the qualities and values that are inherent in each man in favour of social norms, but embrace each man’s uniqueness and potential. As men we have a mission, we have a purpose, and a man of purpose with a mission as his internal compass, backed by his unique gifts and talents, is a force to be reckoned with.

But men are experiencing a disconnection from a sense of individual and collective purpose, and we suffer because of this, often acting out our suffering in dangerous ways towards our partners, our children, and, in fact, anyone in range.

Men are referred to me for men’s behavioural change because they are dangerous.

I offer a 'Men’s Behavioural change program' individualised to each man's circumstances and requirements. Personalised therapy is an integral part of the program.

If you come to me for mature mentoring and man-specific counselling, you will benefit from:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence.
  • Healthier, safer and more conscious relationships
  • Better parenting skills
  • Connecting to a sense of purpose
  • A matured masculinity
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Clear, healthy boundary setting skills
  • A clearer experience of your authentic self
  • A deeper self-love