About me

Dedicated to his clients and their needs, not his own agenda, Andrew employs a wide variety of proven methods and processes to address issues and find solutions that translate into long-lasting change.

For a lot of my early life I was employed in the Engineering Arena as a design draftsman in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and here in Australia

I was called to become a psychotherapist eight years ago. In a sense, becoming a psychotherapist legitimised who I felt I had always been. My own journey of awakening, which started in my teens and continues to this day, revealed genuine qualities of caring and concern for others and skills that can catalyse another’s growth and awakening. It became obvious to me that expressing these skills and qualities as a vocation was my purpose, not what I had been doing before. This led me to a postgraduate level qualification in 'Counselling and Psychotherapy' and to my private practice.

I receive referrals from within the family law system and on occasion report to the family law courts assisting on matters under their jurisdiction. I have developed a Men's Behavioural Change program that is individualised to the client's circumstances offering maximum opportunity for long term change.

I have extensive experience in men's work. I have been guiding men of various ages from many contrasting walks of life, differing races and sexual orientation, with their own unique life histories, towards a deeper sense of self-awareness, purpose and connectedness with a grounding in the mature masculine.

Many of the clients I see are seeking support to re-establish themselves in the world after traumatic, violent and abusive relationships. Others have less dramatic circumstances that bring them to counselling. Everyone, regardless of their situation, can benefit from the personalised services I offer.

I help men and women, and children on occasion, reclaim and re-experience their depths. It is a beautiful, empowering experience.

It’s coming home.


 Psychotherapy Warburton

The words of Sandra Maitri encapsulate for me why I do what I do.

'Our suffering is not the result of being alone or of being in the wrong relationship. It’s not because we don’t have enough money or too much of it. Nor is it because our outer surface doesn’t look as pretty or as strong as we think it should or because our personality isn’t acceptable to some.

'We suffer because we are living at a distance from our depths ... it’s as simple as that.'

Sandra Maitri
Nine Faces of the Soul (2001)

Psychotherapy Warburton

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